A.P. Commissionerate Collegiate Education (apcce.gov.in) Department Employees Transfers 2021

A.P. Commissionerate Collegiate Education (apcce.gov.in) Department Employees Transfers 2015 Guidelines-GO.404, APCCE Employees Transfers 2020 guidelines, of Collegiate Education, Guidelines for transactions of employees in Collegiate Education Department for 2020, GO.Rt.No.404. Dated: 18-08-2015, Authorities of Andhra Pradesh, Higher Education Department, Collegiate Education– Guidelines for transfer of employees in Collegiate Education Department for 2015-16– Purchases– Released.


In the scenarios disclosed due to the of Collegiate Education, A.P., Hyderabad, in the characters first & 3rd read above as well as after careful exam of the matter, the Authorities at this moment issue the tips for transactions of employees in Collegiate Education Department for the year 2015-16 as tagged on to this purchase as Annexure.

  1. The Authorities thus additionally purchases to extend the as a result of time for (10) days past 15-08-2015 for the hassle-free conclusion of transmissions in the Collegiate Education Department based on rules.
  2. This purchase problems with the concurrence of Finance (HR-I) Department vide their U.O.No.14295-A/ 131/A2/HRI/ 2015, Dated13-08-2015.

Suggestions For Transmission Of Employees In A.P Collegiate Education Department (apcce.gov.in) For The Year 2020-20

  1. Those that have invested more than (2) a Pair of years of service in the event of the teaching team and also ministerial in a specific station as of 31-07-2015 should be eligible to get transactions.
  2. Collegiate Education will attract a timetable for effecting moves and finish the whole process on or before 25-08-2015.
  3. Those that are resigning on or just before 31-08-2017 shall certainly not be interrupted.
  4. Those that have completed (5) five years or even above company in case of Lecturers and also (3) 3 years or even over service if of Principals in a specific station as on 31-07-2015 will be transmitted, if there is any request for the mentioned post or even on management premises.
  5. Transactions will be impacted based on the complete privilege points racked up by specific candidates on the requirements listed below. The highest marker in the respective subject and area will be given the front runner and more. The moment restriction is (5) years for spouse move scenarios.

Requirements for the privilege of factors:

a) Remain in today’s station found in the observing locations as of 01-08-2015.

b) Special Types:

c) Scholar, Administrative, and also Growth Performance Indicators (API) for Leaders (Max: twenty aspects).

d) The following requirements will be followed for a slice of factors for the pupils’ successfully passing percent (2014-15).

6. During Office Bearers of acknowledged solution Affiliations, the status directions on the transfers of Office Bearers of recognized employees alliances as released in Circular Memo.No.26135/ Ser.Welfare/ 2002-1 of General Administration( Solutions) Department, dated: 19-06-2002 as well as Memorandum No. 17225/SW/A1, dt.27-09-2014 shall be observed.

A.P. Commissionerate Collegiate Education (apcce.gov.in), the identified service organizations are as follows:-

a) Federal Government College Gazetted Teachers Organization (GCGTA).

b) Authorities College Teachers Association (GCTA).

c) The Area amount Workplace Bearers of these 2 Organizations will be exempted from moves just for the period stated in the Federal government Circular Memo.No.26135/ Ser.Welfare/ 2002-1 of G.A (Providers) Department, dated: 19-06-2012 and Memorandum. 

  1. Speakers who took part in Major/ Minor Research study Projects could be moved to College where such locations exist.
  2. Wherever a Girl worker working in aside from Girls Level Colleges selects an article in Females Degree Colleges, she shall be published by changing a male person working against such article regardless of whether he has not finished the recommended duration of the minimum required of (2) two years.
  3. The adhering to checklists will be alerted in the Internet site of the Department regarded.
  4. (i) The listing of the persons who got transactions and the total of title points in coming down order.
  5. (ii) Target, College, and zone-wise prominent job role and the list of posts where individuals have been helping (5) years or even more.
  6. All the employees finding move shall show three (3) areas in the order of priority. When greater than one staff member opts for a particular place, the points obtained through them shall be given advantage, based on the employee not possessing fees hanging against them.

(a) In the case of Autonomous Colleges, the transmissions might be influenced as per the suggestions of the Board made up vide G.O.M.s. No. 42, College (UE.I-1) Department, Dated: 04-06-2001.

(b) The Leaders operating in Autonomous Colleges and Colleges selecting Freedom with reduced AADPI Credit rating might be moved.

  1. Guidance will be hung on specified companions, and also, the individuals joining the Video clip Guidance will not be qualified to any TA/DA. It is going to be handled as ON OBLIGATION.
  2. The applicants called the purchase of benefit shall opt for some abandoned articles readily available at the point of opportunity and work out/her option in writing. If two or additional applicants secure equivalent credit rating, inclination shall be given to the employee who possesses other title points.
  3. Video Guidance shall be held at any place regarded as required by qualified authorization.
  4. Transactions will be influenced from central to non-focal/ non-focal to non-focal/noncentral to primary posts. In no situation, moves will be from one focal position to one more central message, just in the case of Non-Autonomous Colleges.

7. The transfers impacted will be featured on the Web site after completion of Guidance.

8. Those transmitted should be eliminated from the present spot of functioning instantly on receipt of the move purchases. Under any instance, the individual will be regarded to have been eased at the end of 5 days of the proof of purchase of the purchase.

9. Those moved at their request will not be qualified for any TA/ DA and joining opportunity considering that the moves go to their demand.

10. Any person who has submitted inaccurate info and certifications and the police officers who have authorized such misleading details are liable for punishing and unlawful action.

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