CS Education Week 12/4/17 – 12/10-17

CS Education Week is coming up Dec. 4-10. Let’s use this celebration to making a lasting change in schools. CSTA has partnered with Code.org and Family Code Night to start a movement – thousands of teachers are sharing what courses their school offers and are pledging to expand computer science at their school for CS Education Week. Put your school on the map and join the movement at code.org/yourschool.

You can also join the pledge when you sign up to host an Hour of Code event. The Hour of Code is a great way to raise awareness of computer science education with administrators, counselors, parents, and your community. And, it’s a tool we can use to recruit diverse students who may never have thought of enrolling in CS.

Here are some other ways you can celebrate CS Education Week:

1. Host a school-wide event
The students in your classroom are learning computer science, but what about the other students in the school? Consider hosting a school assembly to let all students see how much fun it is to not only use technology, but to help create it. Contact a volunteer speaker or organize hands-on Hour of Code activities for beginners.

Your students can help lead the activity! Pair your classroom with a non-CS classroom to have your students take on the role of teaching CS to beginners. Or, use the “unplugged” activities to teach computational thinking without computers. (And, print out certificates for the students to take home!)

2. Host a Family Code Night
There’s still time to plan a great evening program for your K-5 school community during CS Ed Week, or later in the year. To learn how, please sign up here for a free 30-minute Family Code Night webinar for CSTA members, this Tuesday, November 14, or visit the website to learn more and download your free Family Code Night Event Kit.

3. Use the week to make lasting change
Beyond signing the pledge yourself, can you encourage your school or district administrator to make a commitment to expand computer science? If so, share your commitment with us and we will gather announcements as part of the CS Education Week kick off event.

4. Do something fun and different with your class for CS Education Week
Organize a hack-a-thon, build a cool project, or just take a day to try the Hour of Code activities for experienced classrooms. Your students can try out a different language (Python? JavaScript? Java?) or take a concept they already know and apply it in a new way.

Every year during CS Education Week, tens of millions of students try computer science for the first time. This is the largest event of the year for computer science education and you, your students, and school can be a part of it.

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